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CLEANTECH International Foundation is a collaborative non-profit initiative of the users, developers and researchers of clean technologies, dedicated entirely to the use of eco-efficient techniques and practices for environmental impact mitigation of industrial, developmental and human activities. The foundation has worldwide linkages with fraternity of top notch scientists and engineers dedicated to creating a knowledge pool of zero emission technologies and working for their proliferation without profit motive.

CLEANTECH is a strategic Environ-management tool developed by Ashok Sharma, a renowned international expert on clean production principles, aims at zero-emission through minor process modifications and low cost innovations, i.e., pollution control beyond compliance at profit rather than at cost. The concept focuses on source reduction of pollutants and segregation of effluent streams for in-process recycling, by-product manufacturing or disposal as usable raw material for other processes.

CLEANTECH defeats the old myth prevailing amongst the industrial enterprises that pollution controls is a rather expensive pursuit and it invariably entails parting with an additional buck for all times to come. It also belies the common belief that pollution control begins at the end of the pipe and avoiding it could save money and hassles. CLEANTECH ensures low or no generation of wastes, thereby ensuring tremendous savings on materials, treatment costs and freedom from consequential liabilities. Profit being the prime mover, CLEANTECH lays emphasis on self regulation contrary to the traditional command and control regime ensuring greater resource productivity and better workplace environment.

 CLEANTECH has been time tested through implementation in scores of industries who met the environment standards beyond compliance with a phenomenal average payback of less than two years. All those industries that implemented process modifications experienced dramatic turnaround in their financial performance and in some cases sick industries could find revival through implementation of CLEANTECH.

 CLEANTECH international Foundation seeks to offer Zero Emission oriented solutions and spread awareness about the applicability of cleaner production & principles of pollution prevention and propagation of sustainable development approaches on a global basis. Tailor made solutions are offered to match the needs of individual industries based on a careful and professional analysis of the manufacturing process to identify opportunities for prevention of pollution at source. The foundation looks forward to globalizing its operations through establishment of collaborations and linkages with like minded individuals and organizations throughout the world. We also offer replicable alternative process modules with zero environmental impact to combat the global environmental impact of human activities.